Camp Life


Out for a stroll in the “backyard”

One of the big reasons we decided that if we were going to take the homeschool journey, we needed to do so now, is because of where we live. We are a camp family. My husband and I met at this camp 13 years ago, were married here nearly 10 years ago, and have lived here full-time for the last two years.  Our backyard is over 300 wooded acres…on lake. We have so much to learn in our own backyard, and over the last few years we’ve barely explored at all. Between work and school, we’ve just been too busy. It’s ridiculous! I have no idea where God will lead our family, or when, and I would have to kick myself on a regular basis for the rest of my days if we didn’t take advantage of it in some way. 



Watching her daddy and brother jump like kangaroos


G-Money making use of the in-ground air pillow. If you can swing it, I highly recommend them.


Dirty, sweaty face, the mark of a good day


Don’t fence me in. Unless it’s 90 degree and you’re fencing me into a splash park…in which case, fence away!


We found Willy Man. He’s currently a camper, but we were able to grab him for a quick hug and a photo op.

IMG_0593 IMG_0602 IMG_0617 IMG_0627 IMG_0632


If you are considering a career in camping or recreation…well, you could do worse.


2 thoughts on “Camp Life

  1. Suzanne A. says:

    My sister in law and brother in law run a camp in Wisconsin (Covenant Harbor) that we, as a family, all attend every summer. I leave feeling envious of their “camp lifestyle” – its glorious! Beautiful scenery, happy campers (literally) and SO much fun! Congrats on your camp life and wish I was doing the same! (Maybe someday)

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