Curriculum requires coffee.

Trying to organize all the books we will be using this year. We will be utilizing the Sonlightcurriculum. We have decided to put both boys at approximately the same level. We may change this later on, but being that they are only 18 months apart and G-money will beg to do what his big brother is doing anyway, we are starting like this. We are going to use Core B and C, and take a trip through World History. I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the amount of information and books we received. Now, with the floor littered with books, a 4 inch 3-ring binder (find a happy place, find a happy place), and a large cup of coffee, I am attempting to organize our first couple of weeks. We are not great planners (hence the blog title) so we are going to keep things flexible. I have decided to divide our year into 4 semesters. In an attempt not to completely freak ourselves out with all this stuff, we are going to separate semesters 2-4 and put them away for now. The books we will be dealing with for semester 1 will stay on the shelves. If we need more time to finish, we will. If we zoom through it we will open up box two (it’s like Christmas morning)!

I want some kind of roadmap for the year, but I want to be able to jump off the interstate and explore Route 66 if we feel like it. How else will we see the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn? And really, isn’t that where life is lived? (Off the beaten path, not at the yarn ball)

Next step? Creating activities for AnnaJane to keep her occupied and involved while I work with the boys. I don’t have a curriculum for this, but I do have coffee, so it’s all good in the hood for now.



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