Defending the Decision

Surprisingly, I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends for this move to homeschooling. My hubs and I had made a firm decision before we told people. I got my arguments ready, and was honestly a little bummed I didn’t need them. I enjoy a good argument. 

If I had gone head-to-head with anyone, it might have gone like this:

Are you out of your mind? Yes. Next question

What about your job? I am fortunate that I’ve had a great career, but I am also fortunate that if we really tighten our budget, get rid of what we don’t need, I don’t have to work full time. I am sure I’ll have some regrets when I get older, but I don’t think one of them will be spending as much time as possible with my kids.

Is this because you don’t like public schools? Not exactly. I know a lot of extraordinary teachers. They like nothing more than helping children succeed. However, they have to follow rules that I may or may not agree with, and they have to help teach an entire classroom full of children. This means that most have to adhere to the “law of the normals”. Normal here is the midsection between two extremes. I have two children who exist in the extremes and I just think they need more than a school is capable of giving. Not because they wouldn’t want to, but because there are lots of other children with needs of their own. 

What was wrong with the private school? Nothing really. Except that Willy-Man had to be medicated to meet the law of normals. More on this in another post.

Do you really think they’ll get a better education at home? I have no idea. Guess that depends on your definition of an education. If your definition is that they know a little about a lot of subjects, maybe not. If the idea of an education is to learn skills to help you navigate adulthood, gain deep understanding of interests and strengths, and know a lot about what’s important to you, than I hope so.

Are you patient enough to do this?: No. Absolutely, positively no. However, I believe I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) I truly think God wants to teach and train me every bit as much as the kids through this. I hope they will watch their mama transform in amazing ways. Dear Lord, help me.

What will you teach them? Life. In life we read, we learn, we research, we work, we clean, we eat, we save, we spend, we travel. There isn’t a subject that isn’t covered in life. Don’t worry, books will help too. There are almost too many resources out there for homeschool. Talk about paralysis by analysis. Seeing me comparing two science curriculums was pure comedy. To me a periodic table is one that shows up in your kitchen every once in a while (ba dum, ching!)

What about friends and socialization? Ah, there it is. There is the argument everyone has in the back of their heads. “How will these kids be normal, functioning adults if they don’t spend 99% of their childhood surrounded by people exactly their age and development level?” Are you surrounded by people exactly your age and development level as an adult? Maybe in a retirement community. Real life requires working with people of all ages and backgrounds. They will be around their family (a unit I hope will be strong, and act as a support system for them for the rest of their lives no matter how far apart they are), mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas, brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends from sports, people at the community center, the people at the library. The list goes on. As I recall, school kinda sucked. Bullying, peer pressure, some creepy teachers, bomb threats (no joke). Forgive me for not jumping for joy to sign them up for that. Might they be looked at as weird. Yes, but they have my DNA, that was going to happen anyway. Hopefully growing up around people who love and care about them will give them the confidence to rock their weird. The path is narrow for a reason people. 

What will you do if this doesn’t work? I have a hard time thinking God would ask me to make these rather huge changes to our family if it wasn’t exactly what we needed, but should the call change, we will adjust.

What if the kids hate it? We will adjust. 

If you can think of any other questions, feel free to ask them. Maybe it’ll help me round out my decisions. Remember, I don’t mind arguing 🙂


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