Why? But seriously, why?

Today was my last day of full time (out of the home) work. I have been in the professional world for 10 years and was working my way up the ladder. It was a nice ladder, a tall one, against a sturdy tree. I liked my ladder. I was perfectly fine on it, in fact, I had just gone up a rung when I got a tap on the shoulder one Sunday morning and was told I need to climb back down. I looked down and saw my family, probably the first time I’d really looked in months. What I saw shocked me. I saw an 8-year-old.  I blinked and he was 8. Wasn’t he just 6? There were two others growing up just as quickly and I was missing it.

So okay, work less. Not easy, but no big deal. Nope, that wasn’t the deal. I needed to be home. I fought that a while. Then submitted. Okay, home for a while. Spend some time with the two-year-old, organize the house, go to the gym more often (no). Then if that wasn’t enough, I get this little nudge.


Envision me looking around to see who else that thought may have been directed at. Surely it ain’t me. Let me give you the breakdown as to why.

Reasons I should not homeschool:

  • I have never even been a stay-at-home mom: This may not seem like a big deal at first, but I have never had to entertain my kids for weeks on end. I did not potty train them, I did not teach them the alphabet. I hired trained professionals. Good ones. I still appreciate them. I should tell you I feel no guilt about this (anymore). I had to work, and we have been blessed to have some excellent caregivers in our lives. I am my children’s mommy. I kiss boo-boos, I tuck them in, I tell them what is right and wrong, but I’ve never had to entertain or instruct on a full time basis.
  • I’ve never wanted to be a teacher: Ever. Teachers deserve capes and tiaras for what they do.
  • I’m not patient.
  • I’m just not that mother: You know the type, flowing skirt, baby on a hip, 6 others running around her feet, and yet she looks serene. She either has some genetic quality I was born without or she’s on valium. Am I stereotyping? Yes. Deal. That leads nicely into the next reason.
  • I’m not that mother either: I’m not sweet. I don’t have a calm demeanor. I’m loud and demanding. I don’t do crafts, the thought makes me itch. I bought my first glue gun at 30.  I don’t bake. I also shouldn’t bake, so it evens out. I don’t invent fun games. I do not coupon. I do not organize. I envy those who do.
  • I’m terrified.
  • I still have to work: Not a ton, but I will have to maintain a minimal workload. The idea of splitting my brain between mommy/teacher and working woman gives me headaches already.
  • I have a child on the autism spectrum: If his wonderful teachers can’t help him focus, if they struggle with teaching him, what makes me think I can do it better?
  • I have a toddler: Oh my goodness, I’m really starting to scare myself here…

I have 4 reasons to do it:

  • Willy-man
  • G-Money
  • AJ
  • God asked me to

Hold on to your private school tuition people, this could get interesting. Hope you’ll stay tuned as I take this journey, and if it turns out I can do this, I better not hear anyone say they can’t!


I can't even get them to smile at the camera at the same time.

I can’t even get them to smile at the camera at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Why? But seriously, why?

  1. Firstly, you’re hilarious and raw and unfiltered and I love you. Secondly, (ear muff the kiddos) hellz to the yes! Can’t wait to hear about this (doubtless) rollercoaster ride you’re buckling into! I imagine you’re about to have some of the most difficult and more rewarding moments of your adult life. And again… I love you 🙂

  2. I just resigned from my full-time job this last week to pursue the same calling of homeschooling my children. I have had so much peace with the decision to change some of our financial habits so I can come home. Thanks for the post. You will definitely be blessed!

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